High Priority Fixes from SEO Audit Report



High Priority Fixes from SEO Audit Report

Creating your website is not enough in today's competitive world, you also want it to rank well and get it discovered by your customer on DAILY BASIS. See, how we highlighted the Daily basis? That means in order to constantly get customers on your website you need to constantly work on it. And that is you should turn to a website SEO audit from time to time. Whether you are recently exposed to SEO or you are already using it for a few months, through constant SEO audits you know where your website is lacking in the market and how you can make it better. In this world where everyone is acquiring new skills, reading and understanding an SEO audit is a valuable digital strategy skill. That is one of the reasons why it is preferred to hire a top SEO agency for your work. 

But you do not have to worry if you have no idea what SEO audit? and don't know what key elements you should fix first, because we are going to cover both these things in this blog. 

What is a Website SEO Audit?

SEO audit or analysis is a scan of your website's on-page and off-page SEO health. The main objective behind these searches is to check search engine optimization elements and how they are impacting your website's rank on search engine result pages. 

This report consists of all the elements that are hurting your website ranking and also user experience. The listed problems can turn into big one with time if you don't know how to fix them. That's why it is suggested to regularly audit your website from time to time. To be honest you don’t have to be professional to get your website’s SEO audit report as there are many tools that can help you with it. 

High Priority Fixes From SEO Audit Report

You may not be the expert on SEO but you must know about the major fixes required on your website. Without further ado let us have a look at these major fixes.

4xx and 5xx errors

These are some common errors that visitors may face while trying to access your site. These errors can't see the content they wanted and are taken to a 404 error page while accessing through their browsers. This looks like your site is broken and it's a negative user experience. These errors can be resolved by redirecting to other working pages or troubleshooting server errors with your host immediately. 

Broken CSS and JavaScript

A site is built using CSS and JavaScript as they work as the frame of a house. It majorly impacts how your site looks and acts when a user visits it. If your code is broken then sometimes you can't see the changes on the affected pages. But a comprehensive SEO audit catches these errors. Such an error requires the help of the site's developer to look into the code and fix the broken code for the hidden problems.

Incorrect Pages Found in Sitemap.xml

According to experts in the field, Google not only ranks your complete website but also the web pages. The sitemap.xml of your website guides the crawlers from the search engines to find the pages they are looking for. This means a sitemap is essential to have on your website, if you do not have one then there are many SEO tools that can create and update a sitemap. There are a few issues like Sitemap not being found, incorrect URLs in the sitemap, sitemap file being too large and HTTP URLs in an HTTPS sitemap can arise after a thorough website SEO audit. You can either use a plug-in to update these changes or manually re-submit to the Google search console after resolving these.


There are many other major issues that you need to take and a comprehensive website audit can help you in finding out these issues. Using SEO has become an absolute necessity of the moment and as mentioned to constantly get visitors on your website you need to constantly update your website. We hope this guide will help you understand the importance of SEO audit and analysis from time to time and what major issues you need to fix first. 

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