How to Choose an SEO-Friendly Domain Name for your Website?



How to Choose an SEO-Friendly Domain Name for your Website?

Starting with a new website?

You know what you’re going to choose first. That’s right, the domain name.

Choosing a domain name for your business can be interesting, especially when you know that it is to impact the success of your business in terms of SEO. It is one of those crucial SEO factors that lead to the improvement of your business’s search engine ranking, so you have to get it right. Thus, we have made a list of some significant SEO Tips to help you choose the right domain name for your website.

Tips to choose the right domain name

1. Keep it short and understandable

Your domain name should be short and simple. In addition, it should be readable and easy to understand. A domain name under 10 characters is easy to type, say and remember.

2. Make it easy to remember

An easy-to-remember domain name encourages returning customers. Just like the brand name forms the perception of the audience, the domain name of your website also tells what the public perceives about you. Domain names that aren’t easy, include numbers/special characters, unusual spellings or are lengthy than 10-15 characters,  are hard to process and remember by humans.

3. Avoid hyphens

Domain names with hyphens are not considered SEO-friendly since they are usually associated with spam websites. In addition, domain names with a hyphen are harder to type, which again makes it difficult to grasp as per human tendency.

4. Try using your brand name

Using brand names in your domain names is a good approach for the purpose of SEO. It is important to understand that the main product or service you are offering through your website is the brand itself. Hence, the domain name will itself be a Marketing element for your business. Secondly, by branding your domain name, people are surely going to remember your brand by its name. Thirdly, brand names are generally unique in nature, which means that your domain name is going to be unique and will be perceived well by the people.

5. Use keywords

Using keywords is an alternative to branding your domain name. This may be really brainstorming, but if you can include a keyword that defines your business while keeping it unique, catchy, and brand-friendly, then go for it. For this, you may look for targeted keywords, that are relevant to your niche.

6. Try using a common domain name extension

Having a common extension with your website, most likely the standard domain ‘.com’ extension is really helpful for SEO purposes. It is a general human tendency to assume that websites end with a ‘.com’ extension, which may prove right as 75% of the websites are registered with the same.

In addition, do not use low quality extensions such as .biz, .info, .ws, .name, etc. to increase the traffic. This is because they are less commonly used, receive less traffic, and may be associated with spam.


It is important for a website to have an SEO in order to be visible on the internet. Hence optimizing the website as per the rules of the search engine is of high significance. And choosing an SEO-friendly domain name is one of those effective rules one must follow.

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