How To Perform an SEO Audit Thoroughly?



How To Perform an SEO Audit Thoroughly?

No wonder how you frame your SEO strategy, a good strategy begins with an intricate onsite audit. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, even the marketing experts sometimes fail to implement their so-called ‘proven’ strategies because of the in an initial audit. There isn't any better way to familiarize yourself with a site, company and what they do other than accessing their SEO value. Let's dive deep into the SEO Audit.

#1. Domain Overview

A domain overview is one of the essential aspects as it helps in identifying the key stats which affects the website as a whole, instead of any specific issue of a page. In fact, there are many tools available to conduct a site audit, including Quick SEO Analysis, SEMRush, Google PageSpeed and more. 

Make sure to analyze the following metrics to get the accurate overview of the domain:

  • Responsiveness of the website

  • HTTP versus HTTPS

  • The volume of organic or paid traffic

  • Backlinks

  • Referring domains

  • Domain Authority

  • Top organic keywords

  • Key competitors

  • Structured Data

  • 404 Pages

#2. SEO Page Breakdown

Once you get every information regarding your domain, it's time, to begin with the in-depth analysis of the main pages of your website. Consider, beginning with the homepage along with the main landing pages, blog page and the contact page. Page breakdown has to be in-depth and the metrics that indicate the health of the site. Analyze what demands the quick fix and the possible quick wins. 

Make sure to analyze the following points while page breakdowns:

  • Google Trends along with the possible keywords

  • Page authority

  • Linking Root Domains

  • Inbound Links

  • Page Speed

  • ALT Tags

  • Title Tags

  • Meta Descriptions

  • On-page structure

  • Keyword rankings 

Once you gather all the domain overview information and breakdown the page using headings, you need to identify where the problem lies on the site. Fixes are not necessarily tough, sometimes, they are as easy as re-writing the landing page. 

#3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the final step while conducting the SEO audit. When it comes to the competitor analysis, consider beginning by choosing the top 3 competitors and document the current keyword rankings for all 4 sites for your main keywords. This provides you with an insight into the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. 

After analyzing that, break down their site and identify:

  • Local SEO - determine the city that your competitors are targeting.

  • On-page structure - Check the layouts of your competitor’s web page. If they are performing well, reformat your page with those keywords

  • Domain & Page Authority - identify the noticeable domain/page authority of your competitors 

  • Page Speed - determine the page speed of your competitors as it helps in analyzing how they keep the code of their website. 

  • Title tags & Metadata - Identify what meta tags they’re using and how they’re using 

Once you gather all the main information of your competitors, it becomes easier for you to frame an effective SEO strategy. As you know the factors that you need to focus upon, the issues of your site, how to manage those issues and how to increase the ranking quickly.

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