How to Perform a Comprehensive SEO Analysis of your Website?



How to Perform a Comprehensive SEO Analysis of your Website?

SEO is as important for websites as their product in today’s world. You might be thinking that you are the only one leveraging the benefit of the latest technologies like the internet and getting the best out of it by taking your business online through a website or a mobile app. Let us drop a truth bomb; you are not even close, as getting a business website is not enough in today’s competitive world. It’s true to get a website these days but running to sell your services/products at a good level is something else. You need to take care of many aspects of your website to be better than your competitors. And performing an SEO analysis of your website gives you deep insights into the areas that may need some improvement. 

Comprehensive SEO analysis is important regularly as the industry keeps evolving and so does you from time to time to survive. Otherwise, you might be one of the victims of “hot today forgotten tomorrow.” An SEO audit from quick SEO analysis not only tells you about the current state of your website but also tells you what actions need to be taken to make your website better. So, we bring you a guide that will tell you what needs to be done to perform an SEO analysis.

Check your Visibility on Google

If you want to change your condition, first you need to know where you stand in the market. And the first thing to start with your SEO analysis is to check your website’s ranking and position on Google. Using quick SEO analysis, you can find how many pages of your website are ranked in the search engine. 

Inspect your URLs and Meta Description 

A good URL only consists of four or five words that describe the content of the page. So, if your URLs are not optimized as per the standards, you must edit them so your crawlers can easily identify when users search for them and take your site on top of the SERPs. Similarly, a well-written meta description should be attractive but also consist of the latest keywords. Never underestimate the power of well-curated meta description as it helps drive users to your website. 

Analyze your Titles and Headings

You might not have considered this fact before, but your website’s titles and heading play a crucial part and must contain matching keywords. Find the keywords as per your industry standards and use them in your headers and tags while keeping them attractive at the same time. We understand it all seems a hectic task if done separately, and that is why SEO analysis is important as it gives all this information in one report. 

Check for Broken Links and Analyse your Images 

Broken links are one of the major factors of visitors leaving the website without any purchase. And they are also harmful to your site’s SEO, so they should be fixed as soon as possible. Many master tools like Quick SEO Analysis can tell you about the broken links and other required parameters for your website. 

Apart from checking your website for broken links, you must also audit it for images. Optimized images give you results, as they make your website attractive to your users and easier to consume by search engines like Google and Bing. You need to remember that search engine crawlers can’t crawl images, so giving them an appropriate title is always a good idea if you want to rank high on SERPs. 

These are the few things that you need to consider in the SEO analysis of your website. There are many other aspects which need to be taken care of along with the factors as mentioned earlier. Instead of finding out all these problems one by one, perform a comprehensive SEO audit/analysis and get a complete report so you can update all things together and get better results. 

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